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Constancy and Change

Stopped to watch water dropping from the branches swaying in the wind.
The sun streaks through those same arms.
In a flash I sense constancy and change happening simultaneously.
How would my actions differ if I continually held that understanding,
allowing it to permeate my thoughts not just my being?

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What dances between my head and heart?
The pop of mollusks mock my questioning.
Crows laughingly mimic my mind’s chatter.

They respond regardless of their derision.
The call is to confidently uncover your core.

The pull proposes you not apologize for being.
Nor rationalize away a desire for delight.

It asks you to make room for wholly wonder.
Finding peace amongst an unruly world.

The cry needs you to claim your belonging.
Letting fall those thoughts of should be.

We laugh, as your question is not so complex.
To unearth that which moves you from inside out.
The appeal you feel is to fall in love with life.

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