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Dancing Fern

My eyes have just opened to the day

The sky is clear and the sun is rising

I am sitting in the middle of the woods

The breeze is strong and so too is the chill

In the distance is one fern standing tall

Swaying in the wind and glowing in the sun

The beauty of which turns my insides fuzzy

I wonder what it’s like to rise up and

Dance alone with the beauty of Life

This begs to question do I not already know

Haven’t I felt my own breeze come to move me

Sometimes disregarding it as unreal

Yes at times I do believe more strongly 

in the tangible world of matter

Even when my heart and soul say otherwise

There are also moments of knowing and

moving confidently within the the wind

The unseen, the mystery, the Divine

Then the question isn’t what would it be like to dance

But what would it feel like to know I am enough

Not because of what I’ve done but because I am



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