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The other day I went for a run. The sun was shining. My body was enjoying the movement. My mind loved the music playing in my ears. Then suddenly, the sense of bliss became so great it stopped me in my tracks. My eyes closed, my arms remained alongside my body, while my hands turned outward in acceptance of something that seemed to be flowing into me. A few moments in this position and my arms went out and up towards the sky. This beautiful feeling continued to wash over me—pouring into my hands, down my arms, through my body, and out the bottom of my feet into the earth. I felt a strong awareness of being a conduit. I did not need to chant, meditate, or set intentions. I only needed to be there, fully open to receive. In doing so, I was allowed to experience the incredible grace that flows from heaven to earth. It runs endlessly using trees, birds, animals and even humans as funnels.

I am telling this story reluctantly. I do not feel words do it justice. Nor do I want others to tarnish it with their own opinions or explanations of what was taking place, decidedly positive or negative. However, I am writing about this experience because it is important to share what I have been “told” over and over again through such occurrences. Which is that because our bodies are connectors between the heavens and the earth, we can access and carry grace into all that we do. No matter what nationality, race, species or belief pattern someone carries, as beings of this earth, we are all connected by a gravitational pull. When we allow ourselves to be conduits for Grace, we are in effect blessing both the earth herself, as well as each individual that stands upon her through that connection. That’s powerful.

Tom, my horse, is currently at a natural horsemanship trainer. My first day riding there, Bob the trainer, asked me to back Tom up. Being watched, I felt insecure about our ability to accomplish this simple task, so I pulled hard on both reins trying to force him to step backwards. In response to my pulling on the bit in his mouth, Tom pushed against the pressure, without moving his feet. Bob gave me some sage advice that ultimately meant “do less.” I tried again and this time Tom moved back a couple steps practically in response to my thought. This gave me insight not only to a method of working with horses, but a technique for handling life—less is often more.

Reflecting on this lesson with Tom, I remembered the feeling of bliss that washed over me days prior. I have done countless activities to open to Grace. Yet, it was when I stopped ‘doing’ that an authentic faith in my integral part of the Universe grew enough to realize myself as a conscious conduit.

There are many ways to practice translating spiritual knowledge to physical action and vice versa. Working with horses is one way I choose to do so. How do you do it? My suggestion is to follow your bliss and see what opens up.

Trusting in life,
Katrina Clay
Essay from June, 2007….


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