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There was a decision I needed to make. It would probably seem inconsequential to others, but was a big deal to me—move or not move my horse. Tom is happy where he is, so moving isn’t necessary, yet maybe it’s time for us both to have some new scenery. I asked Life to help me make the decision in a way that I’d understand. With trust in my heart, I went to the potential new location and walking in the field came across four Deer. They ran a few steps, stopped, then looked up and we stared at each other for awhile until I moved on. There are tons of places to check on the symbolism of animals, but before the internet I used Ted Andrews’ “Animal Speak” and still use it as my dictionary. This book says Deer represent gentle new adventures. I was all in for that, and figured seeing them was a good sign for moving. Then while walking back towards my car, a Red Fox ran in front of me from right to left. “Animal Speak” says Fox represents magic. More energies I welcome and why I put one on the cover. Upon arriving home, I stepped out of the garage and looked up to find four deer staring at me. The others were at the farm and these were at my house. Again, seemingly a good sign.

The next day, still questioning, I got in my car, pulled out of the driveway and within 50 feet noticed branches falling from a tree even though the wind was quiet. Being nature-aware, I knew to look up and see what was causing the falling branches. Doing so, I was treated with the sight of an adorable Porcupine sitting far out on a limb eating the budding leaves. “Animal Speak’ says Porcupines symbolize a new sense of wonder, something I could use. Later in the day, a neighbor sent a night photo of a Red Fox family—two parents and two kits—living behind our wood shed. Another confirmation that while the choice of moving Tom is neither right nor wrong, it will bring forth a wonder-filled magical adventure. The next morning, I was sitting on the front porch drinking coffee and a Blue Jay in our apple tree caught my attention. I quietly watched as this bird seemed to struggle in breaking off ends of branches. Another Blue Jay flew up and they worked together on the same goal. Eventually both flying off with twigs in their beaks, as a male cardinal flew into the apple tree. I later looked it up to find out Blue Jay couples break fresh branches laboriously to build their nest with. Witnessing them gather materials to make their new home felt like more messages suggesting moving Tom would have a beneficial result. That afternoon I gave my notice to the current barn. Time will tell if the outcome will follow my interpretations of the messages.

Now with the decision made, I sit in the sun while writing and a hawk is flying overhead making its piercing scream. Within seconds two crows come through chasing off a single Raven. All while a cardinal, probably the same one that ‘scared’ off the Blue Jays, is repeating his call and seemingly waiting for a response from his girl. Why tell you all this? First, because no matter what spiritual practices I learn, observing the beings that remain in their natural state is the most Divine for me. Also, to illustrate how to ask for guidance and allow Life to show you potential answers. For me, it comes through animal sightings because that is how I want to see it. For you, it may come through an article, a conversation or perhaps when you stop thinking and suddenly know the answer in your bones. You come up with the method and Life will respond. That said, there needs to be a frame of reference you agree upon. Again, for me it’s the animals along with “Animal Speak’ and any intuitive understandings that come to me in a particular situation. The third point, is that regardless of what signs you see, “voices” you hear or things you know, YOU have to take action yourself. The animals in my case, were not there to make the decision for me. They may not have even noticed my presence and doubtfully knew I was looking to them for help. Yet, because we are symbiotically connected, their presence was there at perfect timing to bring me clarity. Trust in what you see. Sometimes it takes practice understanding the messages you are receiving. Know that through trial and error you will get better and better.

UPDATE: Tom moved yesterday and things went smoothly. When we got to the new place, he ran and explored for over an hour, calling to see who was around to answer. There was a Red Tailed Hawk soaring overhead while he did so, a welcome sign. Tom enjoyed my company, but didn’t act needy as he has during some moves. Then this morning, I got a text that all three boys went out together without incident. All and all, the wild ones spoke the truth and I can’t help wondering how much their energy surrounded the horses through the transition. I’m also curious how much effect my telling the horses what was going on for the week leading up to the move. I had even asked the other two to help Tom during the transition. Regardless of why, I am thankful it seems to have worked. Take that as your message to speak to the Universe, Divine, Wild Ones, Life—insert your choice—knowing it listens and responds although not always obviously.

PS. While editing this article one last time, a Bald Eagle flew overhead—giving me chills of love and more confirmation something beautiful is beginning.

Photos of Tom on his first day and the fox family….

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